Water Treatment System

We hold expertise in successfully meeting the demands of a wide range of water treatment systems that include treatment plants as well as other associated accessories finding application in both commercial as well as domestic use. The in-depth process knowledge of our team allows us to deliver in these optimum functionality as well as service life standards.


Iron Removal Systems

Iron is an objectionable constituent of portable water. Iron in water impart a bitter characteristic, metallic taste and cause oxidized precipitate.

Water Softening Plant

Hard water is frequently unsuitable for many industrial and domestic purpose. When water is referred to as 'Hard' it simply means,...

Pressure Sand Filters

We produce wide range of standardized and custom built filtration system to remove suspended solids from water....

Carbon Filters

Activated carbon has been historically used for removal of odor, removal of color pigments from water. Further, our expertise lies...

Multi Grade Filter

The MGF works on principle of retention and removal of physical impurity in a graded manner through Voids of the filtering media...

Dosing System

Dosing pumps are equipped with liquid handling materials that guarantee a very wide chemical compatibility...

Ozone Generators

Ozone kills all bacteria; this reaction is instantaneous as the gas mixes with water. The reaction rate is 3200 times faster than any known Method.

UV Disinfection Systems

UV is the world's most trusted technology and it is natural purification system. UV is a band of invisible light in the electro...

Filter Cartridges

Micron cartridge filtration systems offered by us are used for effectively removing micron dust particles from water. These comprise of vessel,..