sewage treatment plants


Water – a fundamental requirement of life and its becoming a scarce commodity. In early days, people have dumped sewage into waterways, relying on natural purification by dilution and by natural bacterial breakdown. Recycling waste water will considerably reduce the rate of exhaustion of surface and ground water.


We offer complete solution for sewage water treatment on turnkey basis right from conceptualization to commissioning. The solutions are developed according to the pollution control guidelines enforced for residential, commercial and industrial establishments. The plants are designed in accordance with international quality standards. Sewage treatment systems are available in various capacities, with specifications and technologies.



  • The ultimate goal of The proposed sewage treatment plant is to produce high quality reclamation water and conforming to the standards stipulated by pollution control board
  • Ensure cost effectiveness, easy to operate and reduce the O & M Cost.


The fundamental technologies typically employed for your therapy of Sewage is activated sludge procedure. This is applicable to each modest and large processing plants and the difference lies within the arrangement and enhancement from the numerous sections from the method. The activated sludge procedure is really a normal method and nature offers us a special answer to deal with sewage. Nature has supplied a special balance in this procedure in that the micro organisms existing once the foods ranges are high, will also eat the largest quantity. This allows the fast breakdown on the BOD ranges to more affordable levels. As soon as these ranges are reached, other microorganisms, that are heavier and less mobile, will reduce the BOD levels additional, till the ultimate acceptable standards are obtained. The fact that the final organisms are huge and heavy, enables us in sensible phrases to settle these organisms out very efficiently, generating a distinct liquor.

Primary treatment
The waste water is sent through a bar screen provided prior to the collection tank, which removes large solid objects. Further the waste water is send to the equalization tank, the effluent produced at different points and at different times may have different characters, and its done to maintain BOD level in waste water.

Secondary treatment
Secondary treatment is a biological treatment process that removes dissolved organic material from wastewater. In the aeration tank the effluent are is mixed with solids containing micro-organisms that use oxygen to consume the organic matter in the wastewater as their food supply. The aeration tank uses air bubbles to provide the mixing and the oxygen, both of which are needed for the micro-organisms to multiply. These micro organisms are digested Organic Pollutants and the BOD & COD of waste water reduced.

Tertiary Treatment

The waste water will be disinfected using chlorine and passed through the particle sand filter and carbon filter to remove suspended particles, chlorine and ammonia absorption. The effluent coming out of the carbon filter will be clear, odourless and can be used for gardening and other purposes.
We offer Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant that are specially designed and manufactured both skid-mounted and without skid-mounted type. Our plants can be installed in different locations such as basement / terrace. Further, these compact size plants can be effectively installed in different establishments:

  • Hotels
  • Malls & Multiplexes
  • Schools & other Educational Institution
  • Corporate offices
  • Housing societies