Our wide range of Water Treatment solutions are manufactured using advanced process technology so as to provide optimum end solutions as per the specific demands of our customers. The availability of excellent infrastructure facilities also assists us in bringing desired custom modifications in our range as per specific process application requirements of our clients. The wide he wide product range offered by us includes:

Water Treatment System

We hold expertise in successfully meeting the demands of a wide range of water treatment systems that include treatment plants as well as other associated accessories finding application in both commercial as well as domestic use. The in-depth process knowledge of our team allows us to deliver in these optimum functionality as well as service life standards.

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Reverse Osmosis plants

Reverse Osmosis is reversal of natural process of osmosis - a process by which a dilute solution will pass through a semi-permeable barrier to a more concentrated solution. In reverse osmosis, a pressure in excess of osmotic pressure is applied to a concentrated solution, forcing essentially pure water through the semipermeable membrane, leaving behind the dissolved solids. The result is a pure, essentially mineral-free stream of water.{ View All Products }

Package Drinking Water RO Plant

We cater to our client with wide range of RO plants specifically for packaged drinking water.

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Waste Water Treatment Plant

We offer waste water treatment plants to various industries and to support the quality functions of our clients.We are also manufacturing sewage treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants and compact sewage treatment plant. Our machines have proven record of satisfying our worldwide clients.

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Demineralisation Plant

Demineralisation is the Process of removing the mineral salts from water by ion-exchange. Impurities that remains dissolved in water dissociate to form positive and negative charged particles known as ions. These impurities or compounds are called electrolytes. Generally, all natural water has electrolytes in varying concentrations. An ion-exchange vessel holds ion-exchange resin of the required type through which water is allowed to pass. The selective ions in the water are exchanged with ions or radicals loosely held by the resin. In this way, the water is passed through several vessels or a mixed bed vessel so that both positive and negative ions are removed and water is demineralised. { View All Products }